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Gel & Jules is AAPI and woman owned. We use the industry's top products to create something beautiful (and reusable) for you!

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"I want to create something that helps you feel even more beautiful and confident than you already are."

Julia Talavera, Founder + CEO

  • Salon Quality

    We use the same high quality gel polishes, soft gel tips, and nail art products salons and celeb nail artists do!

  • Hand Painted

    Each set of press on nails is hand painted with extreme attention to detail and care.

  • Custom

    These little works of art are custom tailored to you. Purchase a sizing kit for an accurate fit.

  • Affordable

    Whatever your budget is, there is a Gel & Jules set of nails for you! Save money and time with our press on nails.

"Her attention to detail and quality packaging is incredible!"

I found Gel & Jules on TikTok and she had just lost her job while in the middle of planning a wedding. Instead of shutting down, she decided to dive into her passion and take a chance on her nail business. I was in her first week of customers. She worked with me from my incoherent wants in the PERFECT set. She made sure to get my perfect nail size from her sizing kit, and was so responsive. Everyone should check her out and get yourself a set!